Port Canaveral Transportation

If you are planning a trip to Port Canaveral and you are arriving to Orlando International Airport or you plan on vacationing in Orlando before you embark on your cruise... SEARCH NO MORE.  WE ARE THE #1 CHOISE FOR PORT CANAVERAL TRANSPORTATION. Elafany Transportation is the premier transportation service provider from Orlando, FL to Port Carnival Cruises for those looking to avoid the unpredictable, uncomfortable and disorganized shuttle services in Orlando, FL.

Take comfort in knowing that we are familiar with all aspects of getting you to and from your cruise ship efficiently and hassle free... IN STYLE, COMFORT & LUXURY

From the moment you reserve until the time you get dropped off back in the Orlando area, we will make certain that you arrive in time for your ship embarkation and return in time for your flight if you're departing on your day of debarkation

For groups traveling with more than 4 passangers, we are often times more cost effective then shuttle services that typically charge $35-$40 PER PERSON | BOOK ONLINE NOW >>>


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