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The Top Five Reasons Disney Travelers Should Use Elafany Transportation

In 2014, many families from all around the world will plan their trip to Walt Disney World for vacation. They will book their flights, come into the Orlando International Airport (MCO), and then wait for a shuttle bus to arrive. This is not the best way to start a vacation and we at Elafany Transportation want to make you have the best time in sunny Florida that you can have. So, in order to show you why Elafany transportation is the best way to arrive to your Disney resort in style and comfort, we have created this list of reasons why travelers needing Disney transportation would enjoy the use of our services. 

When you use Elafany for all of your airport transportation needs then you will never have to worry about late drivers again. Many services such as taxis and shuttle buses are not reserved so they have no stake in making sure that you are picked up in a timely manner. Our company on the other hand ensures that all of our customers are picked up in a timely manner by a professional driver bearing a sign with their name on it to prevent confusion. In fact, we are so confident in our drivers that if we are more than five minutes late you will receive a free ride worth up to $55!
Our drivers will be happy to assist you with moving your luggage into the car and escorting you to your hotel. If you have a wife and children or perhaps an elderly person then this will be a huge help for them and relieve a lot of undue stress from traveling. Just sit back and relax knowing that the job is done for you through our luxury car service.
Elafany Transportation offers flat travel rates so that our customers know exactly what they are getting and how much they are expected to pay. Nobody likes to have unexpected bills show up when they least expect it. We at Elafany Transportation know that hidden costs are no way to start a vacation and work to ensure full price transparency with our customers.
Customer service is very important to our company. It is our job to keep the customer happy and ensure their satisfaction within the luxury car service process. Our employees desire to make sure that our travelers receive the time of their lives and truly enjoy their trips.
The fleet of cars at Elafany Transportation is nothing short of breathtaking. With 6 passenger Cadillac Escalades, 4 passenger Town cars, 7 passengers Chevrolet Suburban's, and 10 passengers Ford vans, there is no need that we cannot meet. All of our vehicles are equipped with comfortable seats, entertainment systems, and drivers that know how to ride in a smooth and efficient manner. The ride from the airport to your Disney resort will be the smoothest in your entire life. Once you try our services, we are sure you will not regret it!

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to helping you have your dream vacation in Florida!

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